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Flyers vs. Penguins recap: Six days off to enjoy this latest loss!

So, what beer are you guys drinking tonight?

Jeff Zelevansky

The Flyers have a full week off until their next game. That's six days to sit here and think about how awful they looked in the second period tonight, and how during most of the other 40 minutes, they yet again had a bunch of chances that wouldn't go in the net. The Penguins won, 4-1.

I don't really know what to say. It's really the same old stuff we've been dealing with all year: A nice performance by Steve Mason, the inability to finish on their chances, and a lengthy stretch of the hockey game in which the Flyers just stood around like they were skating in quicksand.

There's a lot of reason to be extremely pessimistic about this team. But it's still early. With six days off, maybe they'll fire the coach and reset the whole season. Oh, right.

Questions with Answers

  1. Will tonight's game live up to the typical Flyers-Pens hype? Pretty dull, actually.
  2. How will the Flyers deploy their defensive pairings against Crosby and Malkin? Kind of a bunch of different stuff. Mostly seemed to be Grossmann/Coburn vs. Malkin, but tonight's game made me have a lot of beer so I could've missed things.
  3. Can the Flyers control 5v5 play like they did in the last two games? Nope, not really!
  4. Will they score more than two goals? What if we say please? lol
  5. Will Harry Z do something dumb tonight? Nope, surprisingly.

Comment of the Night

Was Mike Richards and Jeff Carter drinking beers really THAT big of a deal?

>> Chris in SJ