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BSH Radio 59: Listen to our postgame edition

We'll be live on the air following tonight's game to talk about the beginning of the season.


After a couple of weeks off during training camp and preseason, BSH Radio will be making its triumphant return to the airwaves in style: TONIGHT, following the Flyers' season opener against the Maple Leafs.

In true postgame fashion, we'll talk a bit about our thoughts from the game, whatever the result may be. Some general thoughts, who we thought looked good, who we thought didn't look good, what we should look for in the season's first couple weeks, etc.

And throughout the show we'll be taking your input. Excited because the Flyers looked good in their season-opening win? Want to vent because they looked like crap in a loss? Call in no matter what. We'll talk about hockey because hockey's back and it's just great. Call in at (347) 826-7864 to speak with us on the air. Or drop your questions in the comments here post-game and we'll answer them.

Obviously, the start time is fluid depending on how late the game starts/ends, so we'll keep you posted on when the exact start time will be (check in with us on Twitter for those updates). But we're anticipating a start around 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time, so the player should be live around then. Maybe even a little earlier if the game moves quickly. Hopefully. We'll see.

The link below will be live with the start of the show. If you want to listen to our offseason episodes, click here.