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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Claude Giroux still thinking playoffs

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Justin K. Aller

* Claude Giroux says the playoffs as long as they play day-by-day. [Flyers] [ESPN]

* Updates on Scott Hartnell and Vincent Lecavalier: Hartnell unlikely to play Thursday, but Vinny likely will. [CSN]

* Peter Luukko doesn't care about's poll saying Homer should be fired. [Puck Daddy]

* Here's an unrelated interview with Luukko, focusing mostly on the arena business. [Inquirer]

* Let's talk about the Flyers identity crisis. [Daily News]

* Meltzer on Scott Laughton (which we also wrote about yesterday). [Hockeybuzz]

* The third period has been a ... uh, concern, to say the least. [Inquirer]

* Matt Read says the goals will come eventually. [CSN]

* Eric wrote about teams that have adopted advanced stats. The Flyers are not one of them. []

* This save from Antti Niemi last night won the shootout for San Jose. It was ridiculous. [SBN]

* Finally, I'm not sure if watching an Sunday's Eagles game was exactly the best cure for the Flyers to get their minds of losing... [CSN]