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Wednesday Morning Fly By: So Vinny won the Linemate Raffl(e)?

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The big news yesterday: it looks like the Flyers are switching up the lines heading into Thursday's game, featuring Vincent Lecavalier returning on the top line. [BSH]

Also from the site yesterday: the Flyers' shooting percentages are so bad that they should make you optimistic. Numbers! [BSH]

Jakub Voracek says he can be "way better", which we all know is obviously true. [CSNPhilly]

Eric, on why scoring first is about as important as scoring second, which is about as important as scoring third, which ... you get the idea. []

In their last season in upstate New York, the Phantoms seem to be taking losses a bit tougher than they used to. [Flyers Faithful]

The ESPN 30-for-30 episode about the old Islanders ownership saga with John Spanos aired on TV last night. Here's an interview with Kevin Connolly, the actor who narrated it. [Puck Daddy]

And here's Lighthouse Hockey's review of it from when they were able to see it back in April. [Lighthouse Hockey]

On Henrik Lundqvist and his struggles this year and his upcoming contract and why it's all a problem for the Rangers. [Backhand Shelf]

A look into how the first four picks in last June's draft fell the way they did. [CBC]

Seth Jones was one of those picks. He's suddenly on the bubble to make Team USA for Sochi, as are several other people. [CBS]

The Avs are 8-1 and man are they just fun as hell. []

They also set off a bit of a Twitter debate yesterday about statistics and regression and all that. Some thoughts on that whole thing. [mc79hockey]

But Don Cherry has the only REAL advanced stats you need. [Puck Daddy]