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Pittsburgh hockey writers care way too much about the Downie-Talbot trade

I don't know why Pittsburgh hockey writers care so much about this Steve Downie for Max Talbot swap, but they do. And they're laughably wrong.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Flyers acquisition today of Steve Downie in exchange for Max Talbot was undoubtedly a good move for them, as they pick up a player with better offensive chops than the guy they gave away and added some extra top-6 ability.

Nobody really gives a shit about what the hockey writers at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review -- the second-largest paper in America's 61st largest city! -- have to say about this trade, but they had a nice old time sharing their feelings anyway.

(Yes, that's four tweets in an hour from one guy!)

It's cute when Pittsburgh's inferiority complex comes out -- isn't it enough that your team is just better, guys? -- but it's cuter when it's from people who get paid to be at least somewhat objective. Not only are they being silly and pathetic, but they're also just downright wrong. Then again, what should we expect from a guy who voted Alex Ovechkin into the All-Star Game at the wrong position?

Leave it to the writers from Pittsburgh's other, respectable newspaper -- the Post-Gazette -- to be the voice of reason.