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Friday Morning Fly By: Weekend back-to-back, let the party begin!

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Richard Wolowicz

*Don't forget we've got Montreal and Carolina over the weekend. Previews and game threads on game day, as always.

*The Phantoms will also play Saturday, beginning their last season in upstate New York. (BSH)

*Wednesday's opener against the Leafs might have been different had the Flyers done better than 1-for-7 on the power play. (CSN Philly)

*A few more thoughts on the opener from Sam Carchidi, Anthony SanFilippo, and Bill Meltzer.

*One fan's take on what went wrong in game one. (BSH)

*Brayden Schenn opened the season with the Flyers' first goal on Wednesday; here's a list of player who scored the first goal of the season for the Philadelphia Flyers. (

*The Flyers sent Scott Laughton back to Oshawa yesterday and recalled Kris Newbury to take his place. #FREEMCGINN (BSH)


*Even with the loss, the opener offered a few hints that this year will be much, much better than the last. (

*Some Vezina Trophy predictions that may not be who you'd thought they'd be. (On The Forecheck)

*The anti-fighting crowd is still going, this time attempting to illustrate that the threat of a fight doesn't actually deter any other bad behavior on the ice. Thankfully, the Islanders fans brought a bit of levity to the conversation.

*The President of the Buffalo Sabres organization gave what might be the best quote ever regarding their hideous third jersey. (Puck Daddy)

*The Flyers have a new goal song. Hooray? (BSH)

*The league has changed/will be enforcing a rule governing the length of a goalie's paddle. (SB Nation)

*Thirty NHLers spoke anonymously with ESPN about realignment, PEDs, and various and sundry hockey issues. (ESPN)

*And finally, after Wednesday's loss we learned that the Maple Leafs have a celebration song that makes Mac Miller significantly less embarrassing. Beware the twerking injury, Leafs. (SBN)