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NHL odds: It just keeps getting worse for the Flyers

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Remember back at the beginning of the season when oddsmaker Bovada proclaimed that Peter Laviolette would be the first coach fired in 2013-14? Well, they were right.

So what about their odds for the second coach to be fired this season? Ummm....

That's right. Vegas is basically saying that only five teams in the NHL are closer to firing their coach than the Flyers are to firing two coaches in a span of two months. Pretty incredible when you think about it.

The rest of the odds released today by Bovada are ugly too.

Only five teams have worse odds to win the Stanley Cup this year, and all of those teams are really bad at hockey: Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Florida, Buffalo. The Flyers, Devils, Stars and Predators are all tied with 66/1 odds to win the Cup this year, while the Flames, Oilers and Jets all sit at 100/1. The Panthers are at 200/1 and the Sabres ... yeesh, 250/1. The Flyers odds to win the Cup during the preseason were much shorter at 22/1.

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