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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Ugh.

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Jeff Zelevansky

*Another winnable game ends in another frustrating loss. Yay Flyers. Recap.

*ASF talks with Luke Schenn, who is remaining positive despite his benching. [Flyers]

*Some insight into why the Colorado Avalanche were willing to part with Steve Downie. [BSH]

*Players are saying that the line brawl during the Capitals game has served to bring the team together. That's nice. [Inquirer]

*Speaking of, we may end up with a rule that would automatically suspend a goaltender who leaves their zone for a fight. Seems like a bit much. [SB Nation] [CSN Philly] [Backhand Shelf]

*Vegas isn't very confident that Craig Berube will be a success as head coach. [BSH]

*Looking back at Saturday's Devils game and why the Devils are so terrible at generating shooting attempts. [In Lou We Trust]

*On hockey equipment and concussions. [Hockeybuzz]

*The relationship between size and success and an NHL player. [NHL Numbers]

*SB Nation's latest power rankings; the Flyers fall one spot to 26. [SBN]

*Slovakia's Olympic jerseys have a feature that's kind of cool, instantly rocketing them to the top of the Sochi jersey ranking since most of them are awful. [Puck Daddy]

*Five NHL moves that were huge at the time but you've probably forgotten about them. [Grantland]

*And finally, a French hockey team has the best player photos that have ever or will ever exist. Seriously. [PD]