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NHL power rankings roundup: The Flyers are falling, according to everybody

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Lots of red arrows in here. The Flyers are falling in just about every single edition of this week's power rankings. Let's look at em all.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Outlet Change This Week Last Week Date Published
Sb-nation-logo_medium -- 21st 21st Thursday,
December 12
Cbs-sports-logo_medium Down-arrow_medium 22nd 17th Monday,
December 9
Nhl-com-logo_medium -- -- -- Friday,
December 6
Espn-logo_medium Down-arrow_medium 24th 21st Monday,
December 9
Tsn-logo_medium Down-arrow_medium 27th 23rd Monday,
December 9
Sportsnet-logo_medium -- 20th 20th Wednesday,
December 11
Si-com-logo_medium Down-arrow_medium 14th 13th Tuesday,
December 10
Fox-sports-logo_medium -- 18th 18th Tuesday,
December 10
Usa-today_medium Down-arrow_medium 22nd 21st Wednesday,
December 11's 'Super 16' rankings only include the top 16 teams (naturally)