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Welcome 3 new writers to the BSH team

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Last week, we put out a call for new writers. Let's offically welcome some of them.


You may have noticed that we introduced two new writers this week. Allison J. covered Wednesday's game vs. Chicago, and Albert Kleine covered Thursday's win over Montreal. In addition to those two, let's welcome Charlie O'Connor, who comes to BSH from The Hockey Guys, where he's covered the Flyers for the past several years.

Let's officially meet all three new contributors.

Albert Kleine joins BSH after being a professional lurker for the past few years. He grew up in the West Philly suburbs, and is currently living in Washington D.C. His professional life is centered around economics and research. Albert will primarily contribute previews, recaps and other game coverage for BSH.

Allison J. is a twenty-one year old student who grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She recently graduated from Holy Family University with a degree in English Literature. Allison is working towards her masters degree in Education, so that she will be able to talk for a living and will have the opportunity to teach high school students how to write an essay properly. She loves Vonnegut, Tolkien, The Office, Always Sunny, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Allison started watching hockey at the insistence of her father when she was young, and it has since become a life passion. She will also primarily contribute previews, recaps and other game coverage at BSH.

Born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia and a native of the city for his entire life, Charlie O'Connor started following the Flyers during the team's 1997 playoff run to the Stanley Cup Finals. After getting grief from school friends that he had merely jumped on the postseason bandwagon, he vowed to follow the team from Day 1 in 1997-98, and you can guess the rest.

Charlie has covered the Flyers with The Hockey Guys since Nov. 2011. He will contribute mostly short-to-mid-length analysis of the Flyers and the NHL here at BSH.