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Broad Street Hockey looking for writing help again

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Interested in writing about the Flyers?

At the beginning of last season, we asked for a bit of extra writing help. We brought on the services of Kurt R. following that little audition spree, but the reality is that we need a lot more help around here. We're short-staffed -- it's really just me and Kurt these days -- and we need more voices. So we're looking for help again.

For both of the below positions, any applicants should be familiar with the voice we've established here at BSH over the years ... in other words, you've read us before and have a general idea of what we're all about. Oh, and you're a Flyers fan. Because duh.

Also, we do this for fun. I'm a full-time employee of SB Nation and I don't even really get paid for BSH. There are perks, however, and if you're based in the Delaware Valley, you might get to experience some of the coolest perks of writing for this site. Hint, hint.

Game preview and recap writer

With just two writers on the everyday staff, and with our friend Ben sadly not planning on returning for another residency any time soon, game recaps are what we struggle with most. We need a bigger team of writers to tackle recaps and game previews with us, because the reality is that when you write 82 of these in a season, your creativity starts to lack a bit. They can feel redundant, and that's not good for anybody.

How to apply: Email broadstreethockey at with a preview or recap of either Wednesday's game vs. Detroit, this Saturday's game against Dallas, or Monday's game against Ottawa.

Follow the typical format we usually follow here at BSH -- a lead-in with the basics of the game and a few random bullet pointed thoughts. Be creative -- we're not the Inquirer and we try to have fun with our game stories. Be sure to include basic info on the game, but also recognize that you don't need to regurgitate the damn box score. Previews should include any lineup news, goaltender news and injury news that exists.

An in-game social media human

Making comments on Twitter and Facebook during games is one of the most fun parts of running a site like this, in my opinion, but when you live 200 miles from Philadelphia and you have to rely on NHL GameCenter to watch most games, it makes the work impossible. GCL is about a minute delayed from real time, and you look like a moron if you're live-tweeting a game a full minute behind the rest of the world. It completely ruins the purpose.

So, we're looking for somebody who can manage our Twitter and Facebook accounts during games. It's pretty easy work. You need to be knowledgable about the game and able to make smart observations in real time, but you also need to be able to properly express how awesome Sean Couturier is when he scores eight goals in a game. You need to be smart enough not to make that dumb, offensive joke, too, even if you realllllllly wanna. Ideally, you've been reading BSH for a while and following us on social media, so you know what we're all about.

How to apply: During an upcoming game -- either Saturday vs. Dallas, Monday vs. Ottawa, or Wednesday vs. Chicago -- tweet from your personal account (or set up a dummy account, that's fine too) as if you were tweeting from the @BroadStHockey account. Pregame, in-game and immediate post-game stuff.

When you're done, send a link to your Twitter timeline to broadstreethockey at

Thanks for your interest, and thanks for reading BSH.