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Danny Briere's 10-shot night: A complete review

Danny Briere had 10 shots on goal on Tuesday in New York. With him moving up to the top line against the Capitals on Friday, let's take a look at everything he did right.

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On Thursday, we did an in-depth breakdown of Andreas Lilja's rough night against the Rangers. One comment on that post, from Qwerty_Adelaida, read as follows:

I agree that it is a good article as always by BSH but I would really like to see the break down of positives after awful games. Like Briere shot 10 times. Isn't it worth mentioning.

Sure is!

Danny Briere had a great game on Tuesday night. 10 shots on goal is nothing to sneeze at, and it's timely because it looks as though he'll be on the top line on Friday night against the Capitals. Let's look at Briere's big night, shot-by-shot.


Shot one: At 6:35 of the first period, Briere, Brayden Schenn and Mike Knuble spend much of their shift in the defensive end. Briere carries the puck out, gets to the red line and fires a shot from center ice in on Henrik Lundqvist before turning and skating back to the bench.

Shot two: Briere skates in on a two-on-one with Schenn, but the shot's a pretty easy one on Henrik Lundqvist and he makes an the routine save. Briere did use a sliding Dan Girardi as a screen -- just probably could have afforded getting the puck up a little higher to fool Lundqvist.

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Shots three/four: Briere stayed on the ice after the Lundqvist save on his previous shot. Play didn't go on for too long before another faceoff, taken by Briere. Let's go to the video for these.

Briere just does an amazing job here. He wins the face off, then goes directly in front of the net. He pushes his way past the much taller Brian Boyle and gets all alone in front of Lundqvist, where Timonen is able to feed him with a slap pass. He deserved a goal here and didn't get it, partly because Boyle came back and thwarted Briere's second crack at the net. But Briere deserves a ton of credit. The dude knows how to generate chances.

Shot five: With the Flyers on a two-man advantage and Briere camped to the right of Henrik Lundqvist, a Kimmo Timonen shot is redirected on goal. Lundqvist makes the save.

Shots six/seven: Another play made entirely by Briere. He picks the puck up in the corner, outlasts the defender, takes a shot, corrals his own rebound, takes another shot and then bats it with a high-stick after the second shot bounces off Lundqvist. The high-stick ended the threat, but Briere's creating chances.

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Shot eight: Another really great look from Briere. He's about 40 feet out but a quick slapper nearly fooled Lundqvist, who had to make a really quick save. Briere used Ryan McDonagh effectively as a screen and Nicklas Grossmann did a good job to feed Briere with the initial pas.s

Shot nine: Wasn't really a shot. Briere picked up a loose puck near the faceoff dot while on the power play, skated in and attempted to center the puck to Wayne Simmonds. Michael Del Zotto and Stu Bickel both appeared to get their sticks on the puck, which went up in the air and was covered by Lundqvist. Still, Briere doing dangerous things with the puck. Good things.

Shot ten: With Ilya Bryzgalov pulled and an extra attacker on the ice, Briere carried the puck into the zone and dumped it in deep behind the net. It came out the other side, where Wayne Simmonds again cycled it down low. Briere picked it up behind the net and jetted out to the glove-side of Lundqvist, who got over quickly before Briere could stuff it.

Danny Briere didn't score a goal on Tuesday night against the Rangers, but he did some awfully good things with the puck. The Flyers offense has been awful lately, and it looks as though Briere's going to be on the top line tonight alongside Claude Giroux. Let's hope he keeps doing these things, because the Flyers need the production and Briere could be the catalyst that helps finally bring it.