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Wednesday Morning Fly By: B-B-B-Bryzy and the Jets

This Morning Fly By comes at you like a right hook from Tye McGinn.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers-related news and notes...

* That was a fun game, particularly after Monday's debacle. Final score was Flyers 3, Jets 2. Excellent effort from McGinn and Bryz in particular. Full recaps at BSH, CSN Philly,,, TSN, & Arctic Ice Hockey.

* Tye McGinn is a certified badass. This kid is fantastic. (BSH)

* Maybe the Flyers want to try drafting/developing a real-life defenseman? Troy Rutkowski could be the kid for the job. (Flyers Faithful)

* The GMs of the league's struggling teams aren't freaking out yet. So stay cool, Homer! (SB Nation)

* Giroux hasn't looked himself for much of this early part of the season and vents his frustration to Flyers Insider™ Tim Panaccio. Ginger Jesus had a pretty solid game last night though eh? (CSN Philly)

* Braydon Coburn has been a Flyer for seven years. Whoa. (Daily News)

* The Columbus Blue Jackets have relieved Scott Howson of his duties. (The Cannon)

* Bryzgalov hates Winnipeg because it's cold. Jets fans hate Bryzgalov. Bryzwallov beats the Jets. Bryz wins. (Puck Daddy)

* Canadian iPhones think Daniel Alfredsson is god. If you change your Siri settings to Canadian English, you too can confirm his status as Canadian deity. (Backhand Shelf)

* A fellow Flyers fan begs the lot of us to retain our sanity despite a seemingly endless parade of mediocre hockey. We're trying. Games like last night's make it easier. (BSH)

* A high school goalie in Minnesota scored on himself, flipped off his own bench and then left the ice mid-game. (SBN)