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Tuesday Morning Fly By: All hail Ginger Jesus!

This Morning Fly By is glad Claude Giroux remembered how great he is at playing ice hockey.

Al Bello

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers-related news and notes...

*Ahh, that was a fun game yesterday. Recaps of the Flyers' rout of the Islanders from BSH, CSN Philly, and Lighthouse Hockey.

*It was pretty clear from the start of yesterday's game that Captain G was intent on showing the rest of his team how it's done. And he did. (

*If you were forced to watch the MSG broadcast of the Flyers-Isles game you probably caught Howie Rose disparage Philadelphia's most beloved mascot. No, not Hip Hop. (BSH)

*They beat the lowly Isles, sure, but are the Flyers just not that good this year? (Flyers Faithful)

*Hey, anyone wondering what the legendary Jim Watson is up to? (Flyers)

*Thankfully, it looks like the player who suffered a seizure during the Phantoms' game Sunday is going to be okay. (Mass Live)

*A mild media controversy is brewing in the AHL after a beat writer allegedly fabricated quotes he attributed to Phantoms coach Terry Murray and goalie Brian Boucher. (Rink Report)

*There are blown calls in the NHL, and then there are BLOWN CALLS. This is the latter. (SB Nation)

*Finally, hockey and the internet's latest meme have collided. (Puck Daddy)