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Flyers vs. Penguins: Pittsburgh tries using six goalies

Six goalies might be too many.

No idea what the hell is going on here, but I'm sure the Penguins would like to re-evaluate their defensive positioning. Nicklas Grossmann scored his first of the year here after the puck sat on the goal line thanks to a tag team of six Pittsburgh goaltenders.


I count at least six shots here, and one premature celebration from Max Talbot. Just kind of amazing it didn't go in before it did. The best description of this play I've read comes from Patrick Burke:

Still, the best part: Note ALL FIVE PITTSBURGH SKATERS are in the goal crease. The only one not in the crease by the time the puck crosses the goal line? Goaltender Tomas Vokoun.


Flyers-Penguins hockey is a lot of fun.