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Flyers vs. Penguins: Jake Voracek scores, Tomas Vokoun is sad

Poor Tomas.

Tomas Vokoun was *awful* tonight for the Penguins.

He was sloppy, all over the ice, and really could've used a chain to keep him near the goal mouth. He wound up below the goal line a lot, he wound up outside the crease while the rest of his team tried to help him out. And when pucks did hit him, he gave up huge rebounds and gave the Flyers a lot of second-chance opportunities.

On the Flyers' sixth goal of the game, however -- the game-winning, hat trick goal from Jakub Voracek -- Vokoun was in his net. Voracek shot the puck from below the goal line and it bounced awkwardly off the goalie and into the net. It gave the Flyers a 6-5 lead just moments after Pittsburgh had evened the score at 5-5, and Vokoun knew it was a pretty big error on his part.

Let's get up close and personal with the worst part of Tomas Vokoun's day.