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Matt Read injury: Flyers forward out six weeks with muscle tears

Matt Read's out six weeks with an injury that makes you cringe just thinking about it.


I have never torn a muscle, but I can't imagine it feels good. I've never torn a muscle in my rib cage, but I imagine it probably makes you want to kill yourself every time you breathe. That's what Matt Read's been going through over the last 24 hours, injured last night against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Flyers announced today that Read will miss six weeks with multiple muscle tears in his rib cage. Cry for his pain. Cry for the Flyers' pain. The injury news just keeps on coming.

Six weeks puts Read's return around the first week of April. The Flyers are in Toronto on April 4, which would be exactly six weeks from right now. The regular season doesn't end this year until April 27, so the Flyers should have Read back in time for the stretch run.

But with Scott Hartnell out for another week to 10 days with a broken foot, with offensive production already hard to come by generally compared to last season and the Flyers fighting for every point they can scratch up this shortened season, let's hope they're still in the race by the time Read returns.

Read, Hartnell, Wayne Simmonds and Danny Briere have all missed time with injury so far this season. This is the worst season. Maybe Tye McGinn can turn into a super star or something.