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Friday Morning Fly By: Consistent inconsistency. It's a thing now.

Reader, Hartsy, and a disappointing return to home ice in today's Friday Fly By.

Bruce Bennett

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers-related news and notes...

*Not a great way to bring it home. The Flyers dropped another game to the Florida Panthers last night; though with the excitement of Wednesday and the travel, the lack of jam wasn't all that shocking. It sucked pretty hard though. Relive the disappointment at BSH,, TSN, & And then celebrate the fact that we don't have to play these stupid Cats again this year.

*Matt Read is hurt pretty badly, which is just awful. (BSH)

*Scott Hartnell skated with the Phantoms yesterday, putting him one step closer to his much-needed return. (

*Speaking of the Phantoms, they're playing the Baby Pens tonight at the WFC. Tickets are cheap but if you can't make it down to the game it's being aired on the Comcast Network. With Todd Fedoruk doing color. That should be great.

*That fantastic game on Wednesday night drew a ratings record for NBCSN. (SB Nation)

*Winnipeg Jets rookie Zach Redmond was rushed to the hospital after a freak accident during practice lead to a skate severing his femoral artery. Thankfully he's going to be okay, but it might be time to have a serious talk about those Kevlar socks. (Arctic Ice Hockey)

*This article from BSH's own Eric T. should really get you stats people going. Very interesting stuff considering the Flyers' tendency to do a lot of dumping and chasing. At least it seems like they do it a lot...quick, someone check the numbers! (NHL Numbers)

*Top five all-time worst hockey movies? Hard to argue with this list. (Puck Daddy)