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This Week in GIFs: Vote for Sad Tomas Vokoun

This Week In GIFs is open for voting and there's no other choice but Sad Tomas Vokoun.

Over at, Jon Bois does a weekly feature called "This Week in GIFs." There haven't been a ton of hockey GIFs lately, what with the lockout lasting four months and all, but this week gets us back in the groove. There are three hockey GIFs, all of them are spectacular, and two feature Flyers goals.

Here are all of 'em. Jon Bois, Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein make their case for their favorites. They are all wrong.

None of them touch on the two Tomas Vokoun GIFs in the running. To me, this isn't even a debate.


The best GIFs are an art form. They tell the story of what happened in reality, but they are also up for interpretation. They tell their own story as well. They live on beyond the context of the event. That is exactly what this Vokoun GIF does.

It's perfect all-around. It tells the story: The Flyers have scored and have taken the lead, and Penguins goalie Tomas Vokoun is super sad about that. Plus, the art of it: The scoreboard changes just as he glances up in despair. But it also lives on and is up for interpretation: What is Vokoun thinking? Will he ever get out of that net? Why is his mask a different shade of gold than the logo on his shirt?

Go vote for Sad Tomas Vokoun. He's losing by about 150 votes as of this writing and needs your help. Otherwise, he's never going to get out of that net.