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Tye McGinn injured in fight with Mike Brown, out at least two weeks

Mike Brown broke Tye McGinn's face, and now McGinn will be out for at least two weeks.

Paul Bereswill

Tye McGinn didn't look good after he fought Mike Brown last night in the Flyers 5-3 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs, and give him credit (I guess) for not coming out of the hockey game. But now we know the actual damage: Brown's fist broke McGinn's face.

"We lost Tye McGinn last night for a few weeks," Paul Holmgren announced this afternoon when discussing the day's big news story, the re-acquisition of Simon Gagne. ""He has a broken orbital bone that he is going to need to get fixed. Probably at least two weeks."

In hindsight it's certainly a little frustrating, considering Tye McGinn can play hockey and ... well, Mike Brown can't. Brown has 504 penalty minutes and 24 points in 253 career NHL games, and this season he's averaging less than five minutes per game. He can't play, and McGinn's a guy who the Flyers have used on the top line and on the power play at times this season, so it's annoying that he felt the need to fight a guy like Brown.

But that's in hindsight. Looking at it from McGinn's perspective, he's been a healthy scratch of late (inexplicably, but he has been) and probably feels that his fighting is one way to keep his spot in the lineup. He's a good fighter and can beat up the Kris Newbury's and Mark Stuart's of the world, and hey, he even hung with Brown there for a few. But we don't need skill guys fighting useless players, especially when they end in injury like this.

Frustrating. Let's hope he's back as quickly as possible.