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Don't miss a thing: Follow the Flyers Twitter conversation on our handy, updated page

Christian Petersen

For the last few years, we've had a Twitter list that's compiled all the essential people covering and discussing the Philadelphia Flyers. We've had it published here on the site for at least two years, but honestly, I didn't think that many people used it. I use it on a daily basis, but I didn't think anybody else a) knew it was there or b) thought it was useful.

Then, last night, in the middle of the game against the Capitals, I accidentally deleted the list. "Oh, that sucks," I told myself. "I guess I'll get around to fixing it at some point."

This morning I woke up to six emails and a comment here on the site asking what happened to the page. So, out of curiosity, I went and looked at the traffic the page has compiled, and tens of thousands of you have clicked it since January 1, 2012. Talk about being oblivious...

So, since there's clearly interest, we've updated the page. I re-created the list and completely revamped it, removing sources who should no longer be on there and updating with many more who belong.

You can find the page right here.

Bookmark it, love it, suggest to us how we can make it better. It's also on the "Library" tab at the top of the site.

The new list is fully updated with up-to-date sources, but it's even more in-depth than it used to be. We've included every Flyers player on Twitter (and will be adding prospects and more minor leaguers from the organization soon), we've added those who cover the Phantoms and Titans as well.

The best part is that the new list updates automatically without refreshing the page. You can just leave it in a browser tab all day long and peek in periodically so you never miss a thing. You can even respond to a tweet or retweet something directly from that page.

Better yet, though, you don't need to be logged in to Twitter (or even need a Twitter account) to stay up-to-date with the vital news and conversation that happens first on the social network.

We want this list to be as comprehensive as possible, so if you cover the team and don't see yourself on the list, please let us know. Or, if you notice somebody missing who deserves to be listed, also let us know.