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John Erskine doesn't think he deserved a suspension

John Erskine gave Wayne Simmonds a concussion and doesn't think he deserves a suspension.

Greg Fiume

John Erskine doesn't think he deserved a suspension for recklessly elbowing Wayne Simmonds in the head. Simmonds has a concussion and is out indefinitely thanks to a reckless flying elbow, but ... yeah, no suspension. That'd be fair.

Erskine, via the Washington Examiner:

"I'm not happy with the suspension. I think [Shanahan] did what he had to do," Erskine said. "It was more like a reflex thing, my elbow kind of came up at the last second. I wasn't targeting his head or trying to injure him. It was a quick play that happened."

He later added: "I don't think it was a reckless play or a reckless elbow. I wasn't flying down the ice a hundred miles an hour with my elbow up in the air. That's what he called it, and I gotta live with it."

I'll believe that Erskine didn't mean to injure Simmonds, just as I'll believe the part later in the article where he expresses regret for the play and that Simmonds has a concussion. But "not being happy with the suspension" is BS, frankly. And saying it wasn't reckless is pretty much BS too. I think Erskine should maybe look up the definition of reckless.

The reasoning behind why he threw his elbow out is irrelevant. It was a careless, reckless flying elbow that caught Simmonds in the face. He deserves a suspension, got one, and should just accept it.