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Wednesday Morning Fly By: All aboard the 'Tito train

That was a hell of a game last night! Recaps, Rinaldo, Rob Zombie, and Tom Sestito's hands of gold. This Morning Fly By feels full of win.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers-related news and notes...

* Last night felt a little playoff-y, no? Excellent effort top to bottom and easily the most well-deserved win of the season. You know ... out of the four. Full recaps at,, CSN Philly, Raw Charge, & BSH.

* Unsurprisingly, Captain Claude thinks Bryzgalov has been the best player on the team thus far. Samsies, Groo! He was INCREDIBLE last night. (NBC Sports)

* Tom Sestito, ladies and gentlemen! You cannot stop the 'Tito Train. You can only hope to contain it. (The 700 Level)

* Aaaaand POW! Right in the kisser! Rinaldo ROCKED this dude. (SB Nation)

* Maxime Talbot has been quiet so far this season. If the Flyers are going to be successful, that's going to have to change. (Daily News)

* Phantoms call-up and newest member of the Flyers' top line Tye McGinn is turning into kind of a big deal. Kid looks excellent with Briere and Ginger Jesus. (

* Awesome nineties rocker and film director Rob Zombie was in town last night collecting stories for his upcoming "Broad Street Bullies" movie. Which will be, undoubtedly, fantastic. (Flyers)