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Tim Wallace hit on Tye McGinn likely not suspension worthy (with video)

Tim Wallace has been kicked out of the game for this hit on Tye McGinn. McGinn's back in the game.

Hurricanes forward Tim Wallace was kicked out of today's game against the Flyers for this hit on Tye McGinn. Wallace was given a five minute major for boarding and a game misconduct for the hit. The rules say the game misconduct must come if there's an injury on the play, which there was. So Wallace is gone.

McGinn didn't stay away long. As you can see in the video, he struggled to get off the ice but eventually did under his own power. He only missed about nine minutes in total.

I'd bet money against any further discipline here. It was a hit to the head, yes, but McGinn's fine and it doesn't seem to me that Wallace had any malicious intent on the play. The officials appear to agree with that assessment -- he would have been given a match penalty if it was determined there was intent to injure.