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Flyers vs. Devils recap: Okay, so they're just bad

No sense in rehashing it all. The Flyers are bad at hockey and tonight's 5-2 loss is just the latest proof of that.

Bruce Bennett

We wrote our game preview with the playoffs in mind. Hey, win two games in a row against these Devils and you're right there in the thick of things, we said. The playoff chase begins tonight! Time to start making up lost ground.

But in the end, well .... a 5-2 loss is about where this team stands right now. A just result for a piss poor effort in what was certainly the biggest game of the year. We can sit here and break it all down for the umpteenth time, but we all know what's wrong. There's no sense in rehashing it. Jonathan Paetz probably said it best on Twitter:

So, there you go. Use this thread to vent. Our hockey team is just bad at hockey, and let's just thank god there are only 19 games left in this season and pray to God the powers that be don't do anything stupid in an attempt to save those 19 games. Not bothering to answer our pregame questions because truly, what's the point?

Comment of the Night

I am very pleased that we've regained our ability to share our collective misery without sniping at each other. We need more of this to survive this season.

>> DragonGirl0583, because we'll get through it together, you guys