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Friday Morning Fly By: They can't play worse than Wednesday, right?

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers-related news and notes...

Bruce Bennett

*Tonight we get a re-do against the Devils after Wednesday's huge embarrassing failure. Preview the game here; check back this afternoon for the BSH preview. Good news is it's a 7PM start so if it all goes tits-up there's still plenty of time to go out and drink away your feelings afterwards.

*The NHL Board of Governors made the realignment official yesterday. (SB Nation)

*Should Peter Laviolette get canned? Maybe, but if he does it won't fix anything in the short term. (BSH)

*Paul Holmgren says the thought of firing Lavi hasn't even crossed his mind. Which of course means he's thinking about it constantly. (The 700 Level)

*For what it's worth, some of the players remain optimistic. That's probably good, right? (Flyers)

*Tyler Ennis thinks Wayne Simmonds is a big meanie. I think Tyler Ennis should grow a set. (SB Nation)

*We'll just called Rusty "Captain Obvious" from here on out. (CSN Philly)

*There's this guy I know who claims he can teach anyone multivariable calculus in two hours. Eric T. is the advanced stats version of that guy; these articles are great. (BSH)

*Here's a really handy rundown of the likely amnesty candidates in the Eastern Conference. (The Hockey Writers)

*Bryz seems kinda burnt out. He's not one of the positive guys. (CSN Philly)

*There is one upside if the Flyers continue this skid: tons and tons of lottery balls. (

*TSN debuted a new fun tool today, their TSN Game Tracker. I'd explain it but it's more fun if you just go play around with it. (TSN)

*This is really cool AND you can buy it! TAKE MY MONEY. (Icethetics)

*And finally, check out this rendering of the new (potential) NHL arena in Seattle. That top balcony thing is insane in the best possible way. (SB Nation)