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The Tampa Bay Lightning are really stupid

The Lightning hate Zac Rinaldo even though Zac Rinaldo didn't break any rules. The Lightning are stupid, and Zac Rinaldo is effective.


Oh, hey, look. The Tampa Bay Lightning are pissed off at Zac Rinaldo. Wonder why?!

Via the Tampa Bay Times, here's B.J. Crombeen, still upset because he got punched in the face by Rinaldo a few weeks ago. Crombeen says he challenged Rinaldo to a fight during the third period of Monday's game -- at the time a close, must-win game for both clubs -- but Rinaldo said no.

"Obviously, when he's hurting guys, you want him to be accountable for his actions," Crombeen said. "There's always a time and place, and it will come. You just have to wait for it."


"He's actually a good hitter," said RW Pierre-Cedric Labrie, who tried to fight Rinaldo after the Flyer's encounter with Crombeen [on Feb. 5]. "It's just sometimes he just doesn't think. At some point he has to pay for his bad behavior."

Crombeen's apparently still not happy about that fight back on February 5 when Rinaldo "punched him while he was down." Of course, we all know that's not true. Rinaldo made sure of that.

But okay, maybe the Lightning are angry about more than just that. Maybe they're angry about about the hit Rinaldo delivered on Monday night to Ryan Malone, who left the game and didn't return with a shoulder injury. We'll admit it was a little questionable. Watch for yourself.

Yeah, Malone's back was turned. It could be debatable either way, and it sucks that he's injured and expected to miss some time with an injury. BUT, let's see what Lightning management had to say about it, just for fun.

The blow that injured Malone - a heavy third-period check by Philadelphia's Zac Rinaldo - was not penalized, and video scrutiny by the Lightning determined the hit was clean, with Malone's head being whiplashed by the force.

Okay, then. B.J. Crombeen and Pierre-Cedric Labrie are idiots, and Zac Rinaldo is an effective pest. Got it.