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Breaking: Alex Ovechkin shoots pucks hard, Ilya Bryzgalov says potentially silly things

Now we know why Ilya Bryzgalov threw his water bottle last night.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

So far today on Broad Street Hockey we've spent the day talking about injuries, trade rumors, and stupid April Fools jokes meant to annoy us. So let's lighten the mood a bit.

On Sunday night, after Alex Ovechkin buried a power play goal in the third period to make the score 4-2 Capitals, Ilya Bryzgalov appeared to have been a bit frustrated. As you'd expect -- he just gave up two goals on two minor penalties that were, arguably, unnecessary.

So to vent, he threw his water bottle really far (gif via @fakelavy on Twitter):


(Best part of this, by the way? Ducking ref. No question.)

A lot of fans and writers and people watching noticed that at the time, and couldn't help but wonder if Bryz was angry with himself or his defense or Jakub Voracek (who committed the penalties) or what.

Turns out there was more to it than that. Via Frank Seravalli of the Daily News, emphasis ours:

Was Bryzgalov showing shades of Cechmaneks past? Roman Cechmanek, also known as the "Bipolar Goaler," routinely and publicly called out teammates for mistakes during games, which often led to shouting matches.

Turns out, Bryzgalov was not displaying his frustration with teammates, but rather was stung by Ovechkin's rocket.

"When the puck hit my stick, it turned my blocker upside down and twisted [my wrist]," Bryzgalov said. "That thing was like 150 miles per hour. That hurt."

Bryzgalov was massaging his fingers and wrist as he explained what happened. He was going to get ice to relieve some of the pain.

Presumably, his wrist is fine and there's no long-term injury to worry about there. But as for the rest of the quote...150 miles per hour, huh?

As far as we know, the fastest slapshot on record was Zdeno Chara's 108.8 miles-per-hour bomb from the All-Star Skills Competition last year. So if Bryzgalov's telling the truth, Alex Ovechkin broke the world record for fastest slapshot ever last night by roughly 41.2 miles per hour on an inconspicuous shot during the third period of a regular season game.

So if this story is true then Alexander Ovechkin is basically Sidd Finch. If, y'know, Sidd Finch was a real person.

Oh, Bryz.

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