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Flyers at Sabres recap: I think that was a hockey game?

The Flyers lost agaizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Not sure how he managed to keep his eyes that open.
Not sure how he managed to keep his eyes that open.

Alright so the Flyers are jerks and ruined my form recap because of course they did. This wasn't quite your typical Flyers loss given this season...but it is, indeed, a Flyers loss this season, as they fell 1-0 to the lowly Sabres. Any even remotely realistic chance at the playoffs is now dead so we can officially stop talking about it. Like, actually.

Quick recap needed, so we'll go straight to the bullets.

* The story today, because these are the Flyers and it's 2013 so of course this was the story...was Steve Mason. For the most part, and especially through the first two periods, Mason actually did a darn good job in net. He ended with 20 saves on 21 shots, and actually made a few nice saves along the way. But the lone goal he let in was just a really, really, really Steve Mason goal, as Christian Ehrhoff fired the puck from the blueline, it took a bounce off the boards and went off the back of Mason's skate and into the net. GIF, via AmyF/@afetherolf (may need to click to animate, ctrl-click to open in new window):


Honestly, I thought that was a combination of a lack of awareness by Mason and just some really crappy luck, because you can't ever really expect a bounce like that...but it was really funny.

* Mason's game as a whole, though, will be the story from today either way, so this is just your reminder not to react too much to anything he's done here. He's played 2 1/3 games here and I shouldn't have to explain that that's not even close to a definitive sample size to make any determinations about what he can do for this team, short- or long-term. He did play well overall, and he did let in a reeeeal bad goal, so let's not react too much either way. (That includes you, Paul Holmgren.)

* But otherwise holy crap this game was boring. Defensive hockey is one thing but this was quite possibly the slowest game the Flyers have been involved in this season. And THAT is saying something. They looked like two teams ready to end this season, plain and simple.

* Seriously what the hell happened to this team's power play? Obviously they were never going to quite keep up the white-hot stretch they had at the end of March but it's getting embarrassing. 0 for 3 and I can recall maybe one real good chance in total.

* Best thing to come out of today: Sean Couturier played 16:19, his most ice time since February 27. More of that, please.

* Erik Gustafsson was your ice-time leader on D because sure why not.

* Matt Read looked like he picked up some sort of injury in the first period, though he stayed in the game. Would like no more injuries over these next seven games, please. That's all, hockey gods. That's all.

* Flyers are now sixth-to-last in the league. If you're on the tankwagon, root for Tampa tonight. They can jump ahead of the Flyers with a win over Washington.

Questions with Answers:

  1. Does anyone actually watch this game? Man, I really hope not.
  2. Danny Briere back, against his old team. How's he look? No points, 3 SOG, got beat up on possession/Corsi. Pinged the game-tying shot off the top of the crossbar with about four seconds left.
  3. Flyers are 0 for 13 on the PP in their last five games. How about today? PP was bad. Like, really bad.
  4. How many faceoffs does Steve Ott win (I'll figure this one out solely by looking at, and does he lick anybody? He won 8 of 13 faceoffs. Fifth in the league, baby. I don't think he licked anyone, though he also had a really hilarious dive that the refs bought and it led to a Buffalo PP.
  5. Honestly, guys, these last three games have just been crappy. Poor effort, poor performance, poor results. Can we get a good showing in at least one of those categories today? Didn't think they played that poorly. Just slowly and boringly. Thought the teams were about even, no real edge either way. No win, though, obviously.

Comment of the Day:

"Drop on the deck and flop like a fish!"-the pirate painting from the Spongebob Squarepants theme song having a conversation with Steve Ott

-- 13hardingers

Up across the border to Montreal on Monday at 7:30. Maybe we'll find something to talk about between now and then who knows. Check with Die by the Blade for the Sabres' recap. Frozen Four championship tonight in the meantime so feel free to discuss that in the comments. Go Flyers.