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Philadelphia Flyers at Montreal Canadiens: Game 42 discussion thread

We're shipping up to Boston to join our friends for tonight's Flyers games (and the others) at Stanley Cup of Chowder.

Richard Wolowicz

Flyers_orange_medium Habs_red_medium
Philadelphia Flyers (17-21-3, 37) at Montreal Canadiens (26-10-5, 57)
7:30 p.m. | Bell Centre | Montreal, Quebec, Canada
TV: CSN Philly, TSN Habs, RDS | Radio: 93.3 WMMR
Get the Montreal perspective at Eyes On The Prize

Hockey doesn't seem to matter much today given what's happened in Boston, but while the Bruins vs. Senators game was postponed by the NHL, the rest of the hockey world still goes on, and the Flyers will hit the ice with the Canadiens at 7:30 p.m. ET this evening. In Boston, they will be watching.

So we're going to join them. No game thread tonight here at BSH. Instead, if you're interested in discussing the game, come with us to Stanley Cup of Chowder where we'll join Bruins fans for an open discussion thread. Readers of SB Nation sites across the league will be joining us there as well.

Update #3 (10:15 pm): Join us in Public Skate Thread #4
Update #2 (9:00 pm): Join us in Public Skate Thread #3
Update #1 (7:35 pm): Join us in Public Skate Thread #2
Join us here.

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