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Flyers vs. Canadiens recap: Hartnell kicks field goal, Flyers score touchdown

Scott Hartnell scored a hat trick and the Flyers made hockey fun tonight. A rare pleasure this season.

Richard Wolowicz

During that four-game losing skid that took them completely out of playoff contention, the Flyers scored three goals. Tonight, Scott Hartnell scored three goals and they won 7-3 over a very good (but currently kind of awful) Canadiens team. HEY GOOD TIMING GUYS.

Given what happened in Boston today and the fact that I had bloody people on my other monitor for most of tonight's game, I'm still having trouble putting some thoughts down on paper, so forgive me for not doing my job at all here.

But really, I think another part of the inability to write out much thought is that, oddly, there wasn't too much to complain about in terms of the Flyers' performance. For the first time in a long time, they played a complete hockey game, something they haven't been able to do even in most of their 18 wins this year. It was just ... a good hockey game? ... and I think that instead of over-analyzing it, we'll just leave it at that.

It was fun. Might even go watch this one again in the morning.

Some bullet points:

* Ryan White sucks, and this hit on Kent Huskins was crap:

... Huskins was concussed on the play and left the game. Have to imagine that with a concussion and just six games left, he's probably done for the year. Let's hope White's done for the year too -- he has an in-person hearing with the NHL for the hit and that usually indicates a suspension longer than five games.

* Full marks to Kurtis Foster for jumping the hell out of White on this play. Yeah, Foster was kicked out of the game, but even if this game *did* matter in the playoff race, I'll never mind seeing Foster do that.

* One point of emphasis: Yo, Oliver Lauridsen. We know you're big and trying to make an impact and everything, but calm down man. Two more minor penalties brings Ollie's total to seven in nine games, which is sort of pushing it a bit.

* With the win, the Flyers jumped up to 7th-worst/23rd-best in the league in points percentage, with Florida, Colorado, Calgary, Nashville, Carolina and Tampa Bay ahead of/behind them.

Thanks to everybody who joined us at Stanley Cup of Chowder tonight for a big SB Nation-wide game thread. It was awesome and I know Sarah Connors and everybody over at their blog really enjoyed the company and the ~4,500 comments worth of support.

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