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Flyers sign Zac Rinaldo, Jay Rosehill to two-year contract extensions

Zac Rinaldo and Jay Rosehill will stick around for two more years.

John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

The Flyers have locked up Zac Rinaldo and Jay Rosehill for the next two seasons, announcing that they've signed both the effective Flyers pest and the .... uh, pair of fists to two-year extensions. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The Rinaldo signing makes a ton of sense, especially given his growth into an effective player for the Flyers this season. We've written about Rinaldo and his propensity to step over the line and his reputation as a penalty machine, but he's improved his game and has become an effective pest this season before suffering an injury and he does truly make an impact on the ice unlike many other players who fill similar roles.

Rinaldo was set to be a restricted free agent at the end of the season.

Rosehill, though, makes a bit less sense. He was just picked up a few weeks back by the Flyers, and in seven games he's already picked up 47 penalty minutes.

He's never been a scorer at any level and he's only played 78 career NHL games. By all accounts he just isn't more than a pair of fists and he's one of those tough guys that really just can't play the game at this level. NHL teams like these players because of what they bring to the locker room and to the bench, but a two-year deal for a goon? Hmm.