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Scott Hartnell makes divorce jokes, then claims he was 'hacked'

Scott Hartnell claims his Twitter account was hacked after he made jokes about finishing divorce payments to his ex-wife. hahahaha right

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You may have seen Scott Hartnell's hilarious divorce jokes on Twitter yesterday. (Well, okay ... hilarious if you're anybody but Scott's ex-wife, Lisa Renneke.)


It wasn't just Scott that got in on the mix, though. Several Flyers and ex-Flyers retweeted Hartnell's original tweet, and Mike Richards even chimed in independently ... which Hartnell retweeted.


And Bruins prospect Colby Cohen got in on it too ... which Hartnell also RT'd.


Today, though, this changed, and Hartnell used the worst excuse in the book to explain the tweets:

There's not a single person on the planet that believes this, nor should there be. I'm sure he was forced into that tweet somehow, especially given the fact that he has a history with trolling his ex-wife on the Internet. Not exactly shy about it.

Scott Hartnell really is the best.

h/t Puck Daddy on the original Tweet screen shot, since Hartnell deleted it today