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Bring up the kids! Flyers recall Laughton, McGinn, Akeson, Konan from Phantoms

The Flyers have recalled Scott Laughton, Tye McGinn, Jason Akeson and Matt Konan for the final three of the regular season.


The Adirondack Phantoms season is over -- no playoffs again! how shocking! -- and this time next week, the Flyers season will be over as well. With three games left in the year, it's time to call up the kids.

The Flyers announced today that they've recalled forwards Scott Laughton, Tye McGinn and Jason Akeson from the Phantoms in addition to defenseman Matt Konan. Laughton, McGinn and Konan have all spent time on the Flyers' roster this season, but Konan hasn't played in a game yet.

Laughton will not play unless the Flyers are really, really dumb. He was sent back to juniors earlier this season after playing in five games with the Flyers because if he played in that sixth game, a year of his entry-level contract would be eaten and he'd be a year closer to free agency. That still applies if he plays that sixth game, so he's likely just in Philadelphia to join the team for practices. Can't hurt one bit. Not like there are other games for him to play.

We could see the others get into game action though, and really, with three pointless games left, the Flyers may as well throw all of them in the lineup. Put Konan on defense and see how he does. It can't hurt. We all know McGinn can play at the NHL level, and it'd be nice to see him get back in the lineup.

Akeson's a pretty interesting case. He spent some time with the Trenton Titans this year, oddly sent down to start the season the year after being one of the top Phantoms scorers the year before. He wound up with another strong season though, finishing with two more goals and eight fewer assists but in 14 fewer AHL games. He's just two years into his pro career and he's just 22 years old. What can he bring at the NHL level? Would be nice to see him get a look, even if it'll be brief.