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NHL draft 2013: Flyers lose lottery, will select 11th overall

The Flyers didn't win the 2013 NHL Draft Lottery and will select 11th overall in this year's draft.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

The Flyers had a 1.5 percent chance at winning the 2013 NHL Draft Lottery. Hey, shocker! The Flyers did not win the 2013 NHL Draft Lottery.

Instead, the Colorado Avalanche won that draw, passing the Florida Panthers, who had the highest chances at winning the lottery due to their last place finish this season. Colorado will now have the opportunity to take No. 1-ranked prospect Seth Jones if they so choose, which would be quite the story since Jones grew up and learned hockey in the Denver area while his dad was a member of the NBA's Denver Nuggets in the mid-90s.

For the Flyers, it means they're locked in to the 11th overall spot and barring a trade will sit in that spot on June 30 in Newark. What do you think they'll do with their selection?