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This is what happens when you spend deadline day on top of a building

Dave Sandford

Most of us who cover the Flyers (either on the daily newspaper beat or otherwise, like us here at BSH or Flyers Faithful or other blogs) spent this deadline day at a desk, on a phone, vomiting or some combination of the three.

Others spent the afternoon sightseeing the City of Toronto, because, you know, it's not one of the three busiest days on the hockey calendar or anything.

So while the rest of us are busy tracking rumors and analyzing trades and generally just having a hockey orgasm, there are Professional Hockey People™ spending the day touring a city they've visited tens of times. I don't think it's a stretch to say that not being entirely tuned in on extremely important news days is an easy way to develop opinions like this:


Silly opinions, sharing (broken) links to the work of a coworker and dancing around North America's tallest free-standing structure. Hard labor from the Courier-Post's lead hockey writer!

Maybe it's just me, but it feels like a slap in the face as both a writer and a Flyers fan when people who position themselves as authorities on the team spend trade deadline day as a tourist instead of a journalist. It doesn't make it any better when they think Sean Couturier and a second round pick are worth trading for an unproven backup goalie, and it's downright laughable that these people loudly complain when bloggers like us show up in the press box.


Note: Timestamps on theTwitter embeds above are incorrect.