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Flyers vs. Leafs recap: Connect four!

The Flyers have won four in a row. The Flyers are contending for the playoffs. What.


... is this happening?

The Flyers played a fundamentally strong road hockey game tonight, and aside from a pain in the ass three-point game between Washington and the Islanders, pretty much everything broke right for them in the playoff race. They defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs, 5-3, ending their eight-game point streak and reaching a milestone on their own.

Three wins in a row is something this team accomplished for the first time just a night ago. Four wins in a row is just sort of unbelievable given the way they've performed this season, but tonight they achieved it against a team that's both a postseason contender and one that was in the midst of playing some solid hockey.

All four lines played well in the win, with new acquisition Adam Hall making waves on multiple occasions, Sean Couturier putting up a two point night and Jake Voracek scoring another goal to bring his point total on the year up to 38 in 37 games. Both Schenn brothers also scored, Luke on an empty netter because the Hockey Gods love giving a big middle finger to the City of Toronto.

The game was a bit physical throughout, but no more than when Hall and former Leaf Jay Rosehill collided with Joffrey Lupul in the first period. Rosehill also dropped the gloves with Colton Orr as expected and HE SCORED A GOAL. Again, the Hockey Gods are amazing.

All in all, just a really solid road win for the Flyers. They're two points out of the playoff race, are within legitimate striking distance of the eighth place Rangers and are playing better hockey than any team in the hunt right now. This is possible and hey, it might not mean a Stanley Cup, but it's still better than languishing through the last 10 games of the regular season. Go Flyers.


Questions with Answers
  1. How long does it take Jay Rosehill to fight this evening? 11 minutes into the game. 1:51 into his game. AND REPEAT HE SCORED A GOAL
  2. Does Ilya Bryzgalov duck out of the way of any pucks? Hey, nope!
  3. Now that Sean Couturier has ended his goal scoring drought, can he keep it up? Two points. Will accept.
  4. Jake Scoracek? Jake Scoracek!
Comment of the Night

Adam Hall is a beast

>> CoburnsCuddleBuddy, just because WHAT THE HELL