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Friday Morning Fly By: Really wanted to use "LOLkoun" here. Ugh. MontreLOL will have to do.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...


*Yay Sens. Boo Pens. At least one of the preferable teams won.

*Unbelievably, the French beat the Russians at the Worlds. Bryz didn't play. (IIHF)

*Bryzgalov did give an incredibly candid interview to the Russian media, in which he once again proves he's better than the tools writing about him in this town. (Puck Daddy)

*Luke Schenn was better than most of us expected in his first year with the team. (BSH)

*Garth Snow has done a pretty admirable job with the Islanders considering how tightly his owners hold onto the purse strings. (Backhand Shelf)

*Meltzer with his usual genius. (Hockeybuzz)

*The Leafs fans look at the Norris candidates by the numbers. (PPP)

*Flyers' President Peter Luuko was honored for his fundraising efforts. (Flyers)

*Seth Jones will make history if he's picked first on June 30. (

*Do your part to make sure Evgeni Malkin's face isn't scaring young children at video game stores nationwide. (BSH)

*And uh....oh boy, St. Louis. Ooooooh boy. (Deadspin)

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