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Friday Morning Fly By: This Rags-Broons series is gonna be a good one.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...


*Great game in Boston last night. All the game stuff!

*So why can't the Flyers grow top defensemen at home? Spoiler alert: Panaccio doesn't know. (CSN Philly)

*Claude Giroux, showing people how it's done. (

*Turns out Ovechkin's lackluster performance may have been due to injury. (Puck Daddy)

*The fine folks at Anaheim Calling wonder if the Ducks should trade Bobby Ryan to the Devils. Let me help you with that: NO PLEASE. NO. (AC)

*Let's check in on ex-Flyers that are still playing hockey. (Flyers Faithful)

*A lot of empty seats during Boston's incredible comeback against the Maple Leafs last week. That's not how it's supposed to happen. (Raw Charge)

*Meltzer on Briere, Worlds QFs. (Hockeybuzz)

*Thankfully, Toronto's Mark Fraser suffered no permanent damage as a result of his skull fracture. (SB Nation)

*I know we don't want to give this the dignity of discussion, but this is the story in this town right now. These people with the pitchforks out for Bryz? ENOUGH.