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NHL 14 cover vote: Evgeni Malkin is ugly, so vote for Wayne Simmonds

This is important. Vote for Wayne.

EA Sports

I'm not going to argue that Wayne Simmonds is a better hockey player than Evgeni Malkin, but I can argue three things in his favor:

* Wayne Simmonds wears orange and black, and that's reason enough to vote for him.

* Having a black player on the cover of a hockey video game would be pretty amazing. Simmer would join Jarome Iginla as the only two black players to ever be featured on the cover.

* He's clearly a more attractive face for the cover of NHL 14. We're doing a public service to unexpecting Walmart customers all over the globe by keeping Malkin's face off the cover.

So, here's what you need to do: Go to Vote a bunch of times. Or, if you have Twitter, tweet with the hashtag #NHL14Simmonds. You can do either as much as you want, and tweets are worth double because this is all more a viral marketing campaign than anything else.

Simmonds is up on Malkin as of today, so keep voting.

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