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Flyers ECHL prospects will literally wear Rangers colors next season

The Flyers will affiliate with ECHL Greenville next season. ECHL Greenville has Rangers-themed secondary jerseys.

The Trenton Titans folded following last season and won't be playing in 2013-14, leaving the Flyers to find an ECHL affiliate for next season. Before the Titans were sold to a local group and rebranded in 2010, the Flyers shared the Greenville Road Warriors with the New York Rangers. They'll be doing that again.

Update on Sept. 5: The Flyers officially announced the partnership.

Since the Flyers pulled out of Greenville two seasons ago, though, the South Carolina-based Road Warriors have solidified their relationship with the Rangers a bit more. It's to the point where Flyers players will literally be wearing New York Rangers colors next season. Like these ones:

The Road Warriors and Rangers officially continued their relationship just two days ago, with Greenville adding this in their press release:

The Road Warriors will continue to celebrate the affiliation with the Rangers during the 2013-2014 season by wearing Rangers-themed uniforms periodically throughout the season as well as incorporating Rangers themed and branded apparel in the teams' merchandise offerings.

Cal Heeter, Matthew Konan, Matt Mangene, Jason Akeson, Andrew Johnston, Tyler Hostetter and Marcel Noebels are just a few of the Flyers prospects who played at the ECHL level last season, with Konan and Akeson each seeing time in the NHL with the Flyers as well. So, yes. For several games next season, some Flyers prospects will wear blasphemous Rangers sweaters ... and later in the year could find themselves in actual Flyers sweaters.