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Ruslan Fedotenko leaves for KHL, won't return to Flyers

Ruslan Fedotenko signed a contact in Russia. As expected, he won't be a Flyer next year.


It was probably a given that Ruslan Fedotenko wouldn't be back in Philadelphia next season, but now it's official. His agent, Allan Walsh, announced Tuesday that the two-way forward and NHL veteran has signed a three-year deal in the KHL with HC Donbass.

For Fedotenko, it's a good way to possibly (probably?) end his hockey career. He'll make $3 million a year in the KHL, more than he's made on any NHL contract in the last five years, and he's returning to his home country where he's basically a hero. He'll play a larger role there than the fourth-line role he played with the Flyers last season.

Fedotenko was underwhelming last season with the Flyers, scoring 13 points in 47 games and not eating tough minutes with nearly as much frequency as we would have liked. He's a serviceable NHLer still, but playing in Donetsk is a much better situation for him personally, financially and on the ice.