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BSH Radio 53: Summer is slow

Another live episode of Broad Street Hockey Radio is up tonight at 7:00, when we'll presumably find something to talk about, right?

Crazy that the Flyers gave a contract extension to a guy with no arms, IMO.
Crazy that the Flyers gave a contract extension to a guy with no arms, IMO.
Bruce Bennett

(UPDATE: Episode has been completed; see bottom for show/link/download.)


As you hopefully heard last week, we decided to bring back the old-time tradition of Broad Street Hockey Radio last Tuesday, with the twist that episodes will be recorded live and you all can listen in and even call in if you like. We enjoyed doing that, so we're gonna do it again this week, tonight from 7:00 to 8:00 eastern time.

Granted, there's really not much going on in the hockey world right now, but we've got some potential topics of discussion from happenings in the past week, including...

* Sean Couturier's contract extension, how it's great, and where the team goes from here in terms of future roster planning.

* The schedule was released last Friday, and the Flyers are playing in the Metropolitan Division. How silly is that? And are there other thoughts about the schedule as it's set up now?

* NHL players will be in the Olympics. That will likely include a handful of Flyers. That's cool, right? And are Peter Laviolette and Dan Bylsma gonna throw down at some point on the bench together?

* And whatever you want to talk about! Call in at (347) 826-7864 and chat with us, or send us questions here in the comments of this post or tweet them to us @BroadStHockey and we'll try to answer them.


Listen to the episode in full here, or play it in the player right below this paragraph. Or download it by right clicking here and saving the file to your computer.

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