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Vincent Lecavalier will wear No. 40 with Flyers; Mark Streit takes No. 32

The two newest members of the Philadelphia Flyers have picked their jersey numbers.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Aside from his rookie season in 1999 when Lightning veteran Cory Cross had claim to his No. 4, Vincent Lecavalier has never worn a different number. That will change next season when he joins the Philadelphia Flyers, a team that's retired the No. 4 in honor of Barry Ashbee.

The No. 40 is a boring and a huge bummer and the Flyers wil only sell about forty jerseys with this number choice, but whatever.

More importantly, it seems Streit's number has tipped off his real role here in Philly. He's playing goal. Or he's New Tom Sestito. One or the other.