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Claude Giroux contract: Reports say Flyers star to get 8-year, $64 million-plus deal

Claude Giroux's contract extension is coming soon.


We all expected Claude Giroux to get paid this summer, and it appears that will happen officially any time now.

Now it's just a matter of exactly how much he'll earn against the cap each year. We all expect him to get the maximum of eight years, and we penciled him in the other day when doing future projections at about $8 million. So how much north of that number are we talking here?

Ryan Getzlaf and Eric Staal earn $8.25 million, while Corey Perry earns $8.625 million. Sidney Crosby earns $8.7 million and Evgeni Malkin will earn $9.5 million beginning in 2014. I'd expect somewhere a bit under Perry, but perhaps slightly higher than Getzlaf and Staal. What do you think?

Update: Darren Dreger has a number.