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BSH Radio 55: Field trip to the Capital(s)

We spoke with fans of a team that has kind of been one of our rivals for a while now, even if they're just now moving into our division.

Ovi is sad because he can't listen to BSH Radio. Rusty's excited because he can. At least I like to think he can.
Ovi is sad because he can't listen to BSH Radio. Rusty's excited because he can. At least I like to think he can.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

As August continues to drag on, we -- against all odds -- continue to find something to talk about in the wide world of hockey, as another live episode of BSH Radio was recorded on Tuesday night. Travis and I were joined on-air by J.P. of SB Nation's Capitals blog, Japers' Rink, where we talked quite a bit about our old-but-now-new division rivals.

Some of the many things we touched on included:

* The Capitals being able to reignite old rivalries with the Flyers and Penguins by moving to the Metropolitan Division.

* Their staying quiet throughout this summer's free agency.

* Alex Ovechkin, and why he's so enigmatic what helped him turn things around last year.

* Hating the Carolina Hurricanes.

* The Caps' quandary at second-line center and fourth defenseman.

* Whether or not the Caps' unbelievably good power play from last year can continue to be really good.

And then, bringing the Flyers into the equation a bit more:

* Whether we think the Flyers have improved this offseason.

* A rough guess for what order we expect the Metropolitan Division to finish in next year.

* Which player on the Capitals we would take off their roster, if we could.

Very good and enjoyable episode, and thanks again to J.P. for joining us for just about the full hour.

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