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Tuesday Morning Fly By: We're calling it "Metropolitan Time" now.

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...


*Another edition of BSH Radio airs tonight, 7PM Metropolitan Time. This week Kurt and Travis will be speaking with one of our friends from Japers' Rink. Be sure to call in with your questions, it's more fun that way!

*Very sad news yesterday; a junior hockey player died during practice. Thoughts are with his family. (SB Nation)

*Sean Couturier is awesome. (Flyers Faithful)

*Meltzer with some notes on the WJC Evaluation Camp. (Hockeybuzz)

*A very cool Bullies-themed hockey mask. (The Goalie Magazine)

*A team in British Columbia broke the record for the longest indoor ball hockey game, and it was long. (CBC)

*Who is the most enigmatic Russian in the game today? (Edmonton Journal)

*Alex Pietrangelo is STILL not signed. (Last Word on Sports) [Ed. note: Soon.]

*Over the last thirty days Reddit contributors have put together histories for every team in the league. (Reddit)

*Seven NHL players that were traded too soon. (

*A few hockey book recommendations to get you through August. (On the Forecheck)

*A reporter in Chicago tries out for the Blackhawks' Ice Crew just for fun. (DNAinfo Chicago)

*The brilliant mind behind DGB told us how he'd fix the NHL. Now, he's crowdsourced some solutions from fans. (Grantland)