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Sixers owner buys Devils, and no, it doesn't matter

The owner of the 76ers now owns the New Jersey Devils. You're probably mad for no reason!

Andy Marlin

Last week, when it appeared as though 76ers owner Josh Harris was going to buy the New Jersey Devils, we wrote about what that means for the Philadelphia Flyers. The crux of Kurt R.'s argument: It's a little awkward, but ultimately, no this doesn't matter at all.

Well, now Harris has completed that sale and he'll be attempting to win both an NBA title in Philadelphia and a Stanley Cup in Newark for the foreseeable future. He said in his press conference today that there's no conflict of interest, and we'd have to agree. It's pretty simple.

Harris owns the Sixers. Aside from paying rent to Ed Snider and Comcast-Spectacor, the owner of the Flyers, to play at Wells Fargo Center, the Sixers have no formal connection to the Flyers any longer. Josh Harris has nothing to do with the Philadelphia Flyers, and he owes Flyers fans nothing. Zero things. The only thing he does that impacts the Flyers is give their owner money to play in his building.

This will not impact your hockey team even a little bit. It won't impact your basketball team either, because the Devils have absolutely nothing to do with the 76ers.

The only thing Josh Harris owes me, as a Sixers fan, is an exciting basketball team, just like the only thing Ed Snider owes me is a competitive hockey team. If Snider wants to buy the New York Yankees, it might annoy me a little, but ultimately I don't give a shit. It doesn't change a damn thing when it comes to the Philadelphia Flyers. Just like a guy who has no stake in the Flyers buying their rival has no impact on the Flyers.

Let's not let logic get in the way of pointless, talk-radio style outrage here though.


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