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Ian Laperriere's concussion symptoms have apparently reappeared

Lappy's post-concussion symptoms are apparently acting up again.

Jim McIsaac

Ian Laperriere has adjusted to his post-playing days nicely, serving this last season in the Flyers front office as their Director of Player Personnel. He's made the transition to his new job so well that it's easy to forget just how his NHL career ended -- with a puck to the face in the 2010 playoffs, and the scary post-concussion syndrome that followed.

But as scores (or probably hundreds, really) of former players have learned, concussion problems and brain injuries never really go away. Lappy's issues are ones he could potentially be dealing with for the remainder of his life, and that's why seeing this tweet this morning is such a bummer.

Lappy had apparently been doing well, telling media in Los Angeles back in February that he was still dealing with eye issues and occasional headaches, but that he was "alright." He's currently training for an Ironman and was supposed to compete on Sunday, but he suffered a fall off of his bike and appears as though he won't participate. He had raised more than $10,000 for charity via his planned participation.

Let's hope this apparent setback is just a minor one and that he's able to continue to live a normal-enough post-playing career with the Flyers.

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