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BSH Radio 56: Of COURSE it's a slow news day

We talked about random things that have to do with the Flyers and/or general hockey news of late.

Lots of jokes about brothers to be made here.
Lots of jokes about brothers to be made here.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Another episode of BSH Radio was recorded on Tuesday evening, and though our original plan -- to talk mostly about our other new division rival, the Carolina Hurricanes -- fell through, we still, against all possible odds, found some things to talk about. Such as:

* Claude Giroux injuring himself golfing.

Paint drying.

* The bottom of the defensive lineup, and whether it could include Marc-Andre Bourdon or Brandon Manning.

* Ilya Bryzgalov's current lack of employment.

* New uniforms in the league this year.

* A little bit about the Hurricanes, including Alex Semin and how the 'Canes and their fans seem to like him.

* Flyers rookie camp, which should be starting soon.

* Whether Jason Akeson has a real shot at cracking the opening-day lineup.

And a little bit more.

We should hopefully be able to talk more about the Hurricanes next week, but for a slowly-moving news cycle kind of week, we managed to find a decent amount of things to discuss.

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